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Curated Cocktail Catering




At Cocktail+Creative, we know how stressful event planning can be, so let us take over the bar and mix you a drink that’ll make you forget why you were stressed in the first place. We’ll provide a bartender, create a custom cocktail menu (with beer and wine too!), and bring the glassware and bar tools. Our signature cocktails are made with farm-fresh ingredients, house-made syrups, and a touch of southern charm. Whether you’re throwing a birthday party with 200 of your closest friends or keeping it small with an intimate get-together, we’ve got you covered. Now all you have to worry about is what you’re going to wear.


Home Bar Consultation and Mixology Classes


Magic tricks are passe, so impress your friends with a home bar stocked with the industry’s best spirits and bar tools. We’ll curate your home bar to include everything you need to create your favorite cocktails and teach you the skills and techniques necessary to craft them perfectly every time.


Shake things up a little (literally) with our mixology classes. We love to show off our prowess when it comes to making cocktails, and we want  you and a few friends to be our protégés. We're bored with the 'get drunk and paint' parties, so we'll bring the bar to you and teach you to shake, muddle, stir and pour. 



Pardon our progress. This section is being revamped. Please email us and we will be glad to email you Cocktail+Creative packages and spirits list. 


All events will require a $500.00 deposit and payment in full 2 week prior to the event.




Behind the creative corner

We strive to bring ingenuity and excitement to your cocktail party or wedding bar menu. Our custom cocktails use fresh, ingredients, house made syrups, and infused spirits combined with classic techniques for a one-of-a-kind experience.


Our bartenders are well-versed on both classics and contemporary cocktails that push the boundaries of the palate while remaining approachable and elegant. No two events are alike, with menus that are custom-made to reflect your tastes whether you want vibrant and bold or refined and sophisticated. We don’t just stop at cocktails. Our knowledge extends to beer and wine so you’ll always get a well-rounded menu.

-Quinn Richard, owner

Juniper Ochard
Our Story
Getting There

Let us put together the perfect curated cocktail menu for your next event. If you can dream it - we can make it happen. Need help inventing your soiree? We will guide you through the creative process, ensuring  a one of a kind of cocktail experience that you are guaranteed to love. 

Cocktail Market






For your curated cocktail experence!

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